Bronze Process

While most artists create only a clay sculpture and have their bronze foundry create the molds, waxes, bronze, finishing touches, and patina, Sunti creates his bronze sculptures from start to finish.

Typically Sunti begins each sculpture in water clay, in order to create the exact structural measurements of his model and giving him a solid foundation. This step may only take Sunti a few days. He then creates a plaster mold of his clay sculpture so that it may be duplicated in wax. At times, Sunti may in fact skip the clay foundation and begin the sculpture in solid wax.

Once Sunti has a wax foundation, he adds all of the fine detail, texture of the skin, and refines the sculpture’s eyes.


It is not uncommon for Sunti to recreate the face 8-12 times before he is satisfied and ready to add the sculpture’s accessories. When the wax sculpture is complete, Sunti singlehandedly creates the silicone and plaster molds.

mold chases

From these molds, a foundry will pour hollow waxes (lost waxes), which Sunti “chases” to remove the bubbles and imperfections, and reassembles the sculpture.

The foundry will put Sunti’s hollow wax sculpture in “investment” – a process that involves dipping the hollow wax sculpture in chemicals and sand for approximately two weeks. Then the foundry pours the bronze, which Sunti assists in chasing, directs the welding, and adds finishing touches.


Lastly, Sunti singlehandedly applies the patina, using patina chemicals and a torch.

patina patina-2
Before  and after Sunti Applies Wax

Before and after Sunti Applies Wax

Sunti completes the sculpture by adding a thin layer of wax to protect the patina, and fastens the sculpture to its wooden or marble base. The process for the creation of an original bust usually takes Sunti approximately four months.