Artist’s Rendering & Customization® (ARC)


A limited edition cast, or replica of bronze statue, typically describes a routine in which an artist brings his/her clay sculpture to a foundry and retrieves it once the piece is a completed and saleable bronze sculpture.

Developing Exclusivity in Sculpture

Artist’s Rendering & Customization, on the other hand, describes the highly intricate progression from the master mold to a one of a kind bronze sculpture, personally recreated by the artist. While Sunti feels that art should be treasured – not massed produced, his Legends of the Americas sculptures not only include additional phases of the sculpting process, but also require his artistic involvement throughout the entire course of the sculptures’ development and the creation of each ARC.

The purpose of creating an ARC is to ensure that each sculpture is unique and unlike any other in the world. Castings may vary in different ways, including the direction of the sculpture’s head or eyes, clothing and accessories, interchangeable or detachable parts, facial expression, and patina. Collectors can also participate in designing his/her Legend sculpture with Sunti.

The Process

Sunti begins each sculpture in clay as the foundation for his piece, aiming to recreate his model’s exact structural measurements and capture the individual’s emotion, personality, and biography. As soon as the first phase of the sculpture is finished, Sunti fashions a plaster mold from which to create a wax sculpture. The wax allows Sunti to capture fine detail, such as the lifelike texture of the skin, birthmarks, wrinkles or scars. For example, Chief Joseph has a scar above his lip on the right side of his face, and Chief Sitting Bull has a birthmark over his right cheekbone, as revealed in authentic photographs of both chiefs.

Legends of the Americas by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul
Legends of the Americas by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul
Legends of the Americas by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul

Once the wax phase is complete, Sunti will create silicone and plaster molds of the main figure and smaller pieces. At this time, the bronze foundry will pour a second hollow wax sculpture from these molds for the “lost wax” casting method, all requiring assembly. Sunti will meticulously chase each wax piece, removing bubbles, rough edges, and excess wax at the seams, and further customize the sculpture before casting.

Legends of the Americas by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul

Once Sunti has created a distinguishing, one of a kind sculpture, he brings it back to the foundry to have cast, and returns when the sculpture is in bronze pieces and ready to assemble. Sunti directs the chasing and welding of the bronze and arranges the feathers and accessories of each ARC slightly different. When the sculpture is assembled and sandblasted, Sunti personally applies the patina, again varying the coloration of each ARC. Sunti applies the classic patina, using numerous coats of chemical solutions and a torch. Indeed Sunti implements his aptitude in painting the lifelike faces of his fiberglass resin sculptures when applying the patina on the bronze Legends of the Americas busts. Lastly, to make the coloration permanent, Sunti applies a thin coat of wax over the patina, causing the colors to darken and assume the timeless bronze appearance.