Artist Statement


When I work with clay, I enter into a soothing and intimate partnership of mutual respect and recognition. In synchronized movements, my hands flow with the clay, massaging and fashioning the earth as it submissively awaits resurrection.

headshot-aaThis intimacy is what I love about sculpture; the profound and mesmerizing alliance I remember even as a four-year-old, playing by a river in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Enthralled by the soft, supple earth, my imagination took flight at the first touch of clay oozing between my fingers. I drew further inspiration from the nearby temples with ancient stone carvings, wall murals, elaborately carved doors, and bronze and concrete sculptures. Indeed I have been blessed to grow up in a country that has preserved its rich history of exceptional artwork from centuries and even millenniums of master artisans; fine art so intricately and diligently crafted without the use of modern day tools. As a purist, I remain loyal to the methods of the old masters by sculpting from scratch. It is the process, the meditation, that I find rewarding. The love of working with clay.

Today, I use this clay to commemorate celebrated figures in history. I aspire to not only identically duplicate my models’ physical likeness, but for the sculpture to emanate spirit and bring peace to those in its presence. My Legends of the Americas and Legends of the World collections are intended to honor these leaders for their teachings and noble contributions to the world.